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Brand Image for 14.4V 6.2Ah (89.3Wh) Lithium Ion Battery (6.2A capable)


14.4V 6.2Ah (89.3Wh) Lithium Ion Battery (6.2A capable)

The VR420A is a 14.4V 6.2Ah (89.3Wh) Lithium ion smart battery which can be designed into a wide range of products and equipment. The battery comprises eight 3.6V 3.1Ah 18650 cells in a 4-series, 2-parallel array and can deliver up to 6.2A of discharge current. The internal battery management system (BMS) is System Management Bus (SMBus) and Smart Battery System (SBS) compliant and can operate as part of a smart battery system along with a compatible smart charger and host device. The BMS provides cell and battery level protection against over-voltage, under-voltage, over-current, short-circuit and over-temperature. The communication interface allows a host device to read pertinent battery data such as Runtime to Empty (minutes), Full Charge Capacity (mAh) and Relative State of Charge (%) which are provided by the impedance tracking fuel gauge. In addition, a wealth of other calculated and static data is available making the battery an active part of any power management system. When connected to a smart charger, the battery broadcasts its required Charging Voltage (mV) and Charging Current (mA) which the charger provides until commanded to stop charging.

Externally, the battery has a UL94V-0 rated black plastic enclosure and features a Samtec 6-way connector interface for power and communication. Both right angled and vertical mating connectors are available as accessories. A 5-segment LED display on the top of the battery provides the user with an easy way of viewing remaining battery capacity in 20% segments.

The VR420A meets the requirements of UN38.3 (transportation), is CE marked and RoHS / WEEE compliant. It also meets the requirements of IEC 62133-2:2017 and UL 2054.

The VR420A has Entellion livery as standard, however custom labelled versions of the battery can be created to meet your specific requirements. Customisation can include bespoke artwork, special regulatory certification or SHA-1 encryption, please contact us to discuss customisation of the VR420A.

The VR420A is intended for use in embedded applications where the charger resides in the device. A desktop charger is not available. If you require a battery that can be charged in a desktop charger we recommend the NH2054HD34 or NH2054QE34.

If you are purchasing the VR420A for a new project then we strongly recommend that you also purchase an EVAL006 bench test PCB so that you can easily connect to the battery.

Available to Order

Product   Sample Quantities Production Quantities Qty
VR420A   £127.69
Product 1 - 11 12 - 23  
1090-10074 £4.11  

Samtec Vertical Connector for VR420 Batteries

1090-10103 £4.11  

Samtec Right Angled Connector for VR420 Batteries

EVAL006 £28.32  

VR420 battery bench test PCB

EVAL009 £252.50   Add

Texas Instruments EV2300 Evaluation Module

Part number: VR420A
Chemistry: Rechargeable Lithium Ion
Cell Quantity: 8
Cell Array (Series / Parallel): 4S/2P
Voltage (nominal): 14.4V
Capacity (nominal): 6.2Ah
Energy (nominal): 89.3Wh
Discharge current (maximum): 6.2A
Discharge power (maximum): 59.5W
Length (maximum): 152.2mm
Width (maximum): 88.1mm
Height (maximum): 23.0mm
Weight (typical): 0.47Kg
Colour: Black
Connector: Samtec 6 position
Visual state of charge indicator: Yes (5 bar LED)
Communications: SMBus (System Management Bus)
Data system: SBS (Smart Battery Specification)
Over charge protection: Yes
Over discharge protection: Yes
Over current protection: Yes
Over temperature protection: Yes
Cell balancing function: Yes
CE compliant: Yes
UN 38.3 (transportation) certified: Yes
UL 2054 (safety) certified: Yes
IEC 62133 (safety) certified?: Yes (IEC 62133-2:2017)

◾ 14.4V high energy density Lithium Ion technology
◾ High current delivery (6.2A continuous)
◾ Compact mechanical footprint
◾ Texas Instruments SBS rev1.1
◾ Impedance Track(TM) fuel gauge
◾ Active protection circuitry (OV, UV, OC, SC)
◾ 5-Bar LED visual state of charge indicator
◾ Redundant passive over-current protection
◾ 6 position Samtec connector interface
◾ Tough plastic enclosure
◾ IEC 62133-2:2017 and UL 2054 (safety) compliant
◾ UN 38.3 (transportation) compliant
◾ CE marked (EMC/ESD compliance)

  • ◾ Intelligent Power Vault
  • ◾ Professional electronic equipment
  • ◾ Robots & Robotic applications
VR420 technical specification v2.0 VR420 technical specification v2.0
VR420A Data Sheet 270820 VR420A Data Sheet 270820
VR420A Safety Data Sheet V5 30072020 VR420A Safety Data Sheet V5 30072020
VR420A UN 38.3 Test Summary Issue 1 VR420A UN 38.3 Test Summary Issue 1
VR420 EMC Declaration Rev1 VR420 EMC Declaration Rev1
VR420 REACH & Battery Directive Declaration Rev1 VR420 REACH & Battery Directive Declaration Rev1
Brochure - Batteries for Robotics Brochure - Batteries for Robotics - Innovative power solutions for stationary & mobile Robots from Accutronics & Ultralife

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