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Brand Image for Samtec Right Angled Connector for VR420 Batteries


Samtec Right Angled Connector for VR420 Batteries

Status: 'Active'

The Samtec UPT-06-01-01-L-RA-LC is a six way right angled connector that mates with our VR420A and VR420B Lithium Ion Smart batteries. It is also used on our EVAL006 Evaluation PCBA. Note that this is a through-hole part.

For more information please download the mechanical drawing from the downloads section below or visit www.samtec.com

Stock Available

Product   Sample Quantities Production Quantities Qty
1090-10103   £4.11

No Related accessories found for the 1090-10103 Samtec Right Angled Connector for VR420 Batteries.

Colour: Black
Length: 33.12mm (typical)
Width: 9.12mm (typical)
Height: 9.00mm (typical)

6 blade connector
Through hole
Mechanically polarised

  • The 1090-10103 works with both the VR420A and VR420B Lithium Ion Smart Batteries
1090-10103 drawing 1090-10103 drawing
Product 1 - 11 12 - 23  
1090-10074 £4.11   View

Samtec Vertical Connector for VR420 Batteries


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