Reliable measurements ensure you know exactly when to charge your battery:

  • To prevent users from charging the battery too frequently or not often enough, ULTRALIFE uses the very latest impedance tracking fuel gauges to provide highly accurate runtime predictions.
  • When setting up the fuel gauge, ULTRALIFE’s batteries are tested under various usage scenarios to ensure they operate effectively in the field.


Clearly see how much charge is left in each battery:​​

  • LCD or LED displays can be added to battery packs to indicate how much charge remains in each battery – ideal when multiple batteries are being used simultaneously.
  • ULTRALIFE work with you to provide the percentage increments/level of indication you need.
  • When shipping Lithium-ion batteries by air, that are not contained in or packed with equipment, packs are required to be shipped at a state-of-charge (SoC) not exceeding 30%, so state-of-charge indicators can be invaluable.


Prevent the battery from being damaged:

  • Battery safety is maximized by layers of active electronic protection around the cells.
  • This ensures that they cannot be over-charged, over-discharged or overloaded and are protected against over temperature conditions.
  • ULTRALIFE can give you the battery protection that you require. Speak to our experts for more information.


Protect the battery against misuse and the user from using fake batteries:

  • Battery safety can be maximized by layers of active electronic protection around the cells, which permanently disable the battery if an unsafe condition exists.
  • Unsafe conditions include over-charge, over-discharge, overload and over temperature.
  • With a rise in the number of counterfeit batteries, it is important to ensure that only genuine, certified batteries are being used or charged. ULTRALIFE can use SHA-1 digital encryption and authentication between the battery and charger. Batteries that fail the authentication test are rejected by the charger and will not be charged.


Battery efficiency is maximized when it can talk effectively to the charger:​

  • ULTRALIFE implement industry recognized Smart Battery Specification (SBS), utilizing System Management Bus (SMBs) communication. We also provide solutions based on I2C, HDQ and RS232 protocols.
  • Robust communications between battery, host device and charger are vital for reliable operation of any battery powered system. ULTRALIFE can work with you to understand the needs of your device.


Testing packs and chargers allows them to be shipped more easily:

  • Prior to production; fuel gauge accuracy, capacity, runtime, cycle life, environmental performance, ingress protection and mechanical integrity are all verified alongside mandatory testing for electromagnetic compatibility and transportation.
  • ULTRALIFE can arrange for batteries to be certified to internationally recognized performance and safety standards (e.g. IEC 62133 and UL 2054).
  • As different countries have different testing requirements, regarding the import of batteries, ULTRALIFE can assist with this.

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