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Ultralife URS0010 Power System

The genesis of the URB0012 battery and URS0010 power system (battery, intelligent power supply and battery holster) is based on feedback from Scott Clark Medical, a leading medical cart manufacturer who provided the initial design and product concept to Ultralife.

Through joint collaboration over 18 months, collectively Ultralife developed and implemented an efficient lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) battery design and intelligent power supply system that includes many features to increase work-flow and user-friendliness

AC Line Cords Sold Separately:
-01 North America (120V / 60Hz)
-02 EU, UK, Ireland, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia / New Zealand (230V / 50Hz)
-03 China (220V / 50Hz)
-04 Japan (100V / 50Hz)
-05 Japan (100V / 60Hz)
-06 Saudi Arabia (230V / 60Hz)

Available to Order

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No Related accessories found for the URS0010 Ultralife URS0010 Power System.

AC Output: 175W
AC Input: 100-240VAC, 50-60Hz, Max 450W (see note)
AC/DC Output Combined: 175W
DC Output: 11-14.8VDC @ 17A, 18A for 5s
Width (nominal): 8.5in
Height (nominal): 14.06in
Depth (nominal): 3.5in
Weight (excluding batteries): 10.5lbs
Colour: White & Grey

Hot-swap functionality: no interruption of power with removal of battery while other power source is present
Works with one or two URB0012 batteries
Can charge one URB0012 battery in approximately 2.5 hours
Delivers full power to cart while simultaneously charging the batteries when AC input is present
Communications with batteries using SMBus protocol gives many advantages, including:
Cycle count and State-of-Health monitoring
Priority charging and discharging based on SOC, cycle count, etc.
Accurate SOC reporting of each battery
Meets demanding requirements of medical carts
Rapid charge capability
Lightweight, easy to install
Safety is built-in

  • Medical Carts
  • Electric lifts
  • Popular SFF computers with large displays
  • and many more
TDS_URS0010 Data Sheet TDS_URS0010 Data Sheet - URS0010 Technical Datasheet
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