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Smart 2590 Data & Power Cable (Shielded)

The Ultralife UCA0039 is a versatile accessory which allows easy electrical connection to any Ultralife 2590 battery (smart or non-smart) suh as the UBBL02-01, UBBL10-01, UBBL13-01 or UBBL38.

The main body of the UCA0039 features a tough Noryl N190X casing with a metal connector which mates with the power connector on the battery. Sprung gold plated pins make contact with the communication pads on the battery (if present). A wide Velcro strap wraps around the battery holding the connector assembly in place (or the case can be screw mounted to a chassis allowing permanent installation).

Two cables exit the casing, one for power (four x 18AWG) and one for data (seven x 22AWG). Please refer to the technical data sheet for the pin-out. Both cables are shielded for use in electrically noisy environments.

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Colour: Black
Length: 1828mm (typical)
Weight: 0.45Kg

◾ Durable moulded housing with mating connector for Ultralife 2590 batteries (smart and non-smart)
◾ Mounting holes for fixed placement
◾ Nylon strap for secure connection in rugged environment

  • ◾ Field access to SMBus information (state of charge, error codes, calibration status etc.)
  • ◾ Diagnostic and testing
  • ◾ Bench-top charging and discharging of Ultralife 2590 batteries (Smart and Non-Smart)
  • ◾ Field charging by connecting flying leads to suitable power supply
UCA0039 data sheet rev - UCA0039 data sheet rev -
Ultralife XX90 Battery & Accessory Guide Rev A Ultralife XX90 Battery & Accessory Guide Rev A
Ultralife Product Summary Guide Ultralife Product Summary Guide - Catalogue of Batteries, Power Systems, Chargers & Cables from Ultralife
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