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Brand Image for 3.7V 2.3Ah (8.5Wh) LiIon credit card battery (2.0A capable)


3.7V 2.3Ah (8.5Wh) LiIon credit card battery (2.0A capable)

Status: 'Active'

The CC2300 credit card battery allows device designers to integrate a smart Lithium ion battery into new handheld portable products with minimal effort and cost. CC2300 has been designed to provide a high level of functionality and safety, reducing time to market while eliminating tooling and qualification costs.

With a footprint identical to that of a regular credit card the CC2300 is designed to be integrated into handheld devices with minimal effort. Accutronics provide full design assistance including CAD models and design advice.

The CC2300 features an active electronic protection system that prevents it from being overcharged, over discharged or short circuited - this ensures it will remain safe if externally abused. In addition, the CC2300 battery features a highly accurate impedance tracking fuel gauge that constantly tracks battery status, providing information such as remaining battery capacity (mAh), state-of-charge (%), run-time to empty (min), battery voltage (mV), and temperature (°C).

Full compliance to international safety and transportation standards is assured as the CC2300 meet the requirements of IEC62133:2012 and UN38.3 which means that OEMs do not need to perform additional testing when submitting products to certifying bodies. The CC2300 is rated at <100Wh which significantly reduces the cost and complexity associated with transportation.

The CC2300 credit card battery ships with a standard EEPROM set-up, UL94V-0 grey plastic casing, Accutronics labelling and bulk packaging. These can be customised to meet individual OEM requirements, please contact us to discuss your specific needs.

Stock Available

Product   Sample Quantities Production Quantities Qty
CC2300   £32.50
Product 1 - 11 12 - 23  
CO3081 £1.92   Add

Tyco 1827654-1 battery connector

CX6100 £65.55   Add

Desktop charger for credit card batteries

EVAL001 £28.32   Add

Credit card battery bench test PCB

EVAL009 £252.50   Add

Texas Instruments EV2300 Evaluation Module

Part number: CC2300
Chemistry: Rechargeable Lithium Ion
Cell Quantity: 2
Cell Array (Series / Parallel): 1S/2P
Voltage (nominal): 3.7V
Capacity (nominal): 2.3Ah
Energy (nominal): 8.5Wh
Discharge current (maximum): 2.0A
Discharge power (maximum): 6.0W
Length (maximum): 85.80mm
Width (maximum): 54.20mm
Height (maximum): 9.30mm
Weight (typical): 0.065Kg
Colour: Grey
Visual state of charge indicator: No
Communications: I2C
CE compliant: Yes
UN 38.3 (transportation) certified: Yes
UL 2054 (safety) certified: No
IEC 62133 (safety) certified?: Yes (2nd edition)

◾ High energy density Lithium Ion technology
◾ Credit card footprint (54.0mm x 85.6mm)
◾ Impedance tracking fuel gauge with I2C communication
◾ Active protection circuitry (OV, UV, OC, SC)
◾ Redundant passive over-current protection
◾ 7 position Tyco connector interface
◾ Tough plastic enclosure
◾ IEC62133:2012 (safety) & UN38.3 transportation) compliant
◾ CE marked (EMC/ESD compliance)
◾ Customisation to labelling, case colour and firmware possible

  • ◾ Medical recorders
  • ◾ Point of sale terminals
  • ◾ Handheld security scanners
  • ◾ Data entry terminals
  • ◾ Industrial PDAs / terminals
  • ◾ Communication equipment
  • ◾ Covert security devices
  • ◾ Data acquisition systems
CC2300 data sheet 08/2016 CC2300 data sheet 08/2016
CC2300 technical specification v4 CC2300 technical specification v4
CC2300 Transportation Declaration Rev1 CC2300 Transportation Declaration Rev1
CC2300 IEC 62133:2012 CB test certificate CC2300 IEC 62133:2012 CB test certificate
CC2300 Safety Data Sheet 240918 CC2300 Safety Data Sheet 240918
Entellion Credit Card Battery Brochure Entellion Credit Card Battery Brochure - Entellion Credit Card Batteries
Product 1 - 11 12 - 23  
CC3800 £35.38   View

3.7V 3.8Ah (14.1Wh) LiIon credit card battery (2.0A capable)

CC1150 £28.78   View

3.7V 1.15Ah (4.2Wh) LiIon 'mini' credit card battery (2.0A capable)


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