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Accutronics - An Ultralife Company
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Test & Instrumentation

When portable devices are required to operate without AC power, OEMs turn to Accutronics to provide battery and charger solutions that give equipment a real benefit over the competition. Our team of dedicated technical and commercial staff work diligently to understand challenges related to portable power and then create innovative battery and charger solutions to make the product function effortlessly.

Accutronics are experts in developing and manufacturing the rechargeable batteries that allow professional people to measure, calculate, interrogate, sample, monitor or communicate. 

We have provided solutions for thousands of diverse industrial & commercial applications, from oceanographic monitoring to vehicle emission testers and ultrasonic flaw detectors to earthquake monitoring. All of which are custom designed and manufactured by Accutronics 

OEMs choose Accutronics because of our 100% focus on rechargeable batteries for professional applications. Our customers need a battery partner they can rely on and Accutronics ensure that safety, reliability, high performance and ease of use are designed into the product from the start, it is this approach that ensures that our customers stay ahead of the competition. 

Accutronics lead the market in the development of intelligent battery solutions, integrating fuel gauging electronics, active protection circuits and cell balancing into our batteries to provide our customers with class leading battery functionality. 

Whatever your development budget and timescales, Accutronics can provide a service to suit and deliver the solution:

Accupro - Custom Battery & Charger Design

Entellion – Smart, Innovative Portable Power Products

Inspired Energy - Standard Smart Batteries, Charges & Accessories

If you have a battery project please complete our Enquiry Form, send us an email at sales@accutronics.co.uk or contact us by telephone on +44 (0) 1782 566688.

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