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'Batteries in the digitalisation of logistics' whitepaper

'Batteries in the digitalisation of logistics' whitepaper

There is a growing need for digitalisation and greater automation in logistics. Reliable power is critical in this.

Despite how critical having a reliable source of power is, it often gets overlooked. Therefore, Ultralife Corporation (Accutronics' parent company) has produced a whitepaper exploring the digitalisation trend in logistics, which highlights the battery requirements of popular modern logistics technologies.

In the whitepaper, Ultralife explores:

• the context behind logistics digitalisation - why it is happening
• what challenges are being encountered
• how that is affecting robot and device design...

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Interest in logistics digitalisation has grown significantly following the COVID-19 pandemic, with labour shortages, elevated demand and component shortages putting strain on operations. Among the principal technologies gaining traction are intralogistics pick-and-place robotics, automated guided vehicles (AGVs) in warehouses and asset tracking tags.

Batteries and uninterruptible power supplies (UPSs) are essential in modern logistics devices. However, the requirements of these components are constantly evolving, which engineers must be aware of to ensure reliable and consistent performance. Ultralife’s whitepaper aims to demystify the requirements of batteries for logistics applications, outlining the most beneficial technical specifications and chemistries for each.

Latest News & Development

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