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Survey Aids Unicef

Survey Aids Unicef

Batteries for Medical Devices Survey Aids Unicef

As a leading developer and manufacturer of rechargeable batteries for medical applications Accutronics is passionate in understanding the future battery requirements of its OEM customers in the medical market.

We have an excellent track record in the design, development and manufacture of both standard and custom rechargeable batteries for a wide range of medical devices and have been able to use our expertise in Lithium ion chemistry and smart battery technology to provide tangible user benefits to the OEM customers that use our products.

At the end of 2012 and the beginning of 2013 we asked OEMs in medical device markets to complete an on-line questionnaire called “Batteries for Medical Devices“ in which we asked them to look forward as to what their battery needs might be in the future, both from a technical and a commercial point of view. The information collected will help Accutronics make the right decisions about future product development to enable us to serve our customers even better in the future.

We understood that their time was valuable and therefore gave an added incentive to help us with our research, Accutronics agreed to make a donation to the children’s charity UNICEF.

It has taken some time to collate the responses but we are pleased to publicise that because of the contribution OEMs made to our research, Accutronics has made a donation of €1,000 to UNICEF.

You can find out more about their valuable work by visiting their website at www.unicef.org 


Latest News & Development

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