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Accutronics - An Ultralife Company
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Inspired Energy standard smart batteries, chargers and accessories

NB2037 series
NC2040 series
NC2560 series
ND2034 series
ND2037 series
ND2053 series
ND2054 series
ND2057 series
NF2030 series
NF2040 series
NF2047 series
NH2034 series
NH2054 series
NH2057 series
NI1030 series
NI2020 series
NI2040 series
NJ1020 series
NL2020 series
NL2024 series
NL2044 series
NL2054 series


Accutronics is the sole distributor for the wide range of Inspired Energy standard smart batteries, chargers and accessories which are available to buy online.

Accutronics have worked with Inspired Energy since 1995, we offer multi-currency (€ / £ / $) pricing to suit your needs and on-line purchasing, European stock holding and fast customer support from our headquarters in the UK. Our technical support service ensures that customers can design an Inspired Energy battery into their new device with total confidence. We can provide CAD models, application support and design advice to ensure your product development is short and problem free.

For customers with mission critical applications we can work with you to customise the design of any standard battery with unique labelling, firmware, regulatory approval or application specific testing. Once specified, this customised standard battery will be sold only to you with the assurance that the design will not be changed without your knowledge and approval - this approach protects your aftermarket sales and ensures total device compatibility now and in the future. Click here to find out about customisation.

All Inspired Energy products are now available for purchase on-line.
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