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Inspired Energy Battery Customisation

Customisation of an existing standard battery design allows device OEMs to bring electronic products to market faster and with less expense. Choosing an existing standard smart battery design means that there are no original design costs, tooling or qualification expenses and the process from concept to production can be measured in weeks rather than months. A customised standard battery that displays your company name and re-purchase information also ensures you enjoy 100% of the replacement sales, boosting your revenue. Simply choose your mechanical platform, select your voltage and capacity then let us do the rest.


Select from the following pallet of options and then contact us to discuss your requirements:


A simple change but one which has a big impact on end user perception is the battery label. Inspired Energy standard batteries feature large format wrap around labels which clearly distinguishes them from other brands on the market. Changing the label artwork to carry your own brand turns the Inspired Energy battery into your battery in the eyes of the end user. We just a unique part number to reference your new battery design, your artwork, style guide and an idea of how you want the battery to look and we will do the rest, creating a photographic proof for you to sign off. Of course we will maintain the required regulatory symbols that are on the standard product to ensure you are compliant with international regulations.


You may want us to change the electronic firmware inside the battery to provide special functionality. We work with you to make modifications which might be as simple as changing the electronic part number inside the battery, or more complex such as changing the way the battery fuel gauge communicates with your device. We can also help you incorporate SHA-1 electronic authentication so that your device can identify your battery as being approved for use by you. This technology prevents any other battery from being used in your device which protects your aftermarket sales and company reputation. Note that any battery that has custom firmware must also have a custom label.


Instead of bulk OEM packaging your customised standard smart battery can be packaged to your requirements. – please contact us to discuss.

Regulatory Certification

All Inspired Energy standard smart batteries have been fully tested to ensure they meet the latest transportation regulations. They are also RoHS compliant, CE/FCC marked and have been tested to IEC62133 (safety). If you require external agency approval such as UL2054 or testing to IEC62133 under the CB scheme then please contact us to discuss.

Technical Specifications

Each customised standard smart battery is issued with a unique multipage technical specification that covers all aspects of the battery performance and functionality. This is sent to you along with your first battery samples so you can check the battery does everything you need it to when tested it in your application.

No Change Agreement

Once both parties have agreed that the battery meets your requirements we can put in place a written ‘no change agreement’ which simply means that no part of the battery design will change without your prior approval, providing confidence that you won’t ever suddenly experience compatibility issues caused by unauthorised changes.

To discuss a customised standard smart battery please contact us to discuss your requirements.

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