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Accutronics - An Ultralife Company
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Industrial Electronics and Backup

When industrial equipment must operate without mains electricity supply, OEMs turn to Accutronics to provide a battery solution that will give their equipment a real power advantage over the competition. 

Accutronics have over 30 years of experience in developing and manufacturing rechargeable battery solutions for OEMs worldwide and our team of dedicated technical and commercial staff can provide a real advantage to your battery powered industrial product. 

In the area of power back-up Accutronics have valuable experience, supplying batteries for applications such as Industrial Robotics, Power Monitoring Equipment, Door Entry Systems and Emergency Lighting, each requiring a dedicated battery design which provides the most cost effective solution over the lifetime of the product. 

Our industrial projects include oceanographic monitoring, vehicle emission testers and vehicle tracking systems, all of which were custom designed and manufactured by Accutronics to the demanding needs of our customers.

Whatever your development budget and timescales, Accutronics can provide a service to suit and deliver the solution:

Accupro - Custom Battery & Charger Design

Entellion – Smart, Innovative Portable Power Products

Inspired Energy - Standard Smart Batteries, Charges & Accessories

If you have a battery project please complete our Enquiry Form, send us an email at sales@accutronics.co.uk or contact us by telephone on +44 (0) 1782 566688.

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