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  • If I pay by online using my credit/debit card what currency will I be charged in?

    Payments made via this website are displayed and charged in British pounds sterling (GBP) as displayed, if you prefer to pay in Euros or USD please contact us for a quotation/pro-forma invoice.

    NOTE: Any/All bank charges incurred must be paid by you to prevent any delay with your order as we are unable process your order until full payment, inclusive of additional bank charges, is received.

  • If I pay on-line is it secure?

    Payments made online for products are made via an SSL secure website utilising the services of SagePay. Online payment can be made using VISA, MASTERCARD, MAESTRO, VISA DEBIT, VISA ELECTRON, other cards are not currently accepted.

  • How quickly are the items I've ordered online despatched?

    In stock items are usually despatched within 3-5 working days. If for any reason the product you have ordered is 'out of stock' once normal office hours have resumed, we will endeavour to deliver your goods within 6 weeks of acceptance of your order. If we are unable to deliver your order within 6 weeks, you will be offered substitute goods if available and/or a revised delivery date. At your option, you may accept the substitute goods or the revised delivery date. Alternatively, you may cancel your order in which case a full refund for the goods will be provided.

    NOTE: Our standard lead times have been temporarily extended as we are coping with an unprecedented increase in demand. A temporary result of this is that all new orders above 72 batteries & 50 chargers are now being promised with 10-12 week lead times. Anything below 72 & 50 are now being promised with 7-9 week lead times.

    Based on our latest predictions, we anticipate that our lead times will return to their regular quoted levels by October.

    If in the unlikely event we are unable to fulfill your order or offer a substitute product we will cancel your order and provide you with a full refund.

  • How long will it take for my order to arrive?

    Delivery within Europe is usually within 3-5 working days from despatch date. International delivery is usually 7-10 working days from despatch date.

  • I want to order large quantities / custom products, what is the lead time?

    For products not available to purchase directly from our website i.e. large quantities, custom products etc. the lead times vary and will be provided upon price request at the time of quotation

  • The product I require is out of stock, how long would delivery be?

    For products that are on 'back order' are usually delivered within 3-6 weeks and for those not available to purchase directly from our website i.e. large quantities, custom products etc. the lead times vary and will be provided upon price request at the time of quotation

  • Are goods shipped in accordance with the latest transport shipping regulations.

    Yes, all goods will be shipped in accordance with the latest transport shipping regulations.

  • How is the delivery charge calculated?

    Delivery charges are automatically calculated at checkout and are based upon the weight of the goods and country to which they are delivered.

  • My delivery is outside the European Union, are there additional charges?

    Delivery outside the European Union - Incoterms: Delivered at Place (DAP)
    DAP explained: The seller is responsible for arranging carriage and for delivering the goods, ready for unloading from the arriving conveyance, at the named place. Risk transfers from seller to buyer when the goods are available for unloading; so unloading is at the buyers risk. The buyer is responsible for import clearance and any applicable local taxes or import duties.

  • Which countries are in the European Union (EU)?

    Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Republic of Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden and the UK

  • Who is liable for paying Customs duties and taxes?

    The receiver is responsible for paying any duties and taxes that may apply. Our carrier is unable to deliver parcels until these duties have been paid.

  • Why do you not include Customs duties and taxes in your shipping tariff?

    The Customs authorities in the destination country determine whether any duties and taxes are applicable when the parcel arrives. This is based on the information provided on the parcel label (Waybill) and Customs paperwork, in particular the contents, declared value and weight.

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