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Accutronics - An Ultralife Company
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The complete design, engineering and manufacturing service

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Accupro - our custom battery pack and charger design, development & manufacturing service integrates seamlessly into your device development programme. Our well-proven project management processes ensure custom solutions are delivered on time & on budget.

When you appoint Accutronics as your battery supplier partner & battery consultant we become
your battery design & development authority, & your battery supply management experts.  

Off-the-shelf batteries aren't always suitable so Accutronics work with you in the early stages of your product development to create truly outstanding battery solutions which provide tangible end user benefits in terms of low weight, minimal volume and ease of use. Correct cell selection is critical in achieving optimal battery & device performance & we help you select the right cell for each application, optimising characteristics such as capacity, rate capability, cycle life & thermal performance...

Accutronics specialise in designing and manufacturing custom rechargeable batteries and chargers that suit your needs perfectly, watch our video below to find out more about our ACCUPRO Service...

Designing a high-tech product & need a rechargeable battery?

There are several elements to our Accupro service. Click on the icons below to find out more or contact us