Non-Rechargeable Cells

Boasting low self-discharge in compact packaging:

  • Lithium Manganese Dioxide (LiMnO2) cells offer a flat discharge curve, leak proofed containers for long shelf life and more – includes ULTRALIFE’s 9 Volt, CR123A and Thin Cells®.
  • Lithium Thionyl Chloride (LiSOCl2) cells have the highest energy density and a passivation layer that allows for long storage with minimal loss in cell capacity – includes ULTRALIFE’s ER ‘Generation X’ and Legacy Cells.
  • Lithium Carbon Monofluoride Manganese Dioxide (LiCFx/MnO2) or XR Cylindrical cells provide approx. a 50% increase in both capacity and shelf-life (compared to LiMnO2), whilst also reducing initial suppression of cell voltage (typical of pure CFx).
  • Cells can also be assembled into battery packs to further increase voltage or capacity.


Non-Rechargeable Packs

Offering wide temperature ranges and military-proven performance and reliability:

  • The Lithium Thionyl Chloride (LiSOCl2) M1 packs, manufactured by ULTRALIFE, offer high energy density and are lightweight (ranging from 3.3kg to 10kg).
  • ULTRALIFE’s Lithium Carbon Monofluoride Manganese Dioxide (LiCFx/MnO2) UBI-2590 packs offer 50% or more capacity than the lithium sulfur dioxide batteries that remain popular with the armed forces.


Rechargeable Packs

Lightweight solutions that serve a variety of size and power requirements:

  • Available in configurations from 1S1P to 4S2P, ULTRALIFE’s Lithium-ion Soft Packs weigh as little as 24g and have energy ratings under 100Wh (simplifying shipping).
  • Measuring as small as half the size of a credit card*, ULTRALIFE’s durable Lithium-ion Hard Packs are all under 100Wh and weigh from 37g.
  • Where higher energy is required, ULTRALIFE’s Lead Acid Replacement batteries offer up to 1,382.4Wh. Drop-in replacements for lead acid batteries, they offer less weight (15kg compared to 45kg), more power and lower cost. They can be mounted in any orientation, saving space.
  • For users who need to switch between high voltage (up to 28.8V) and high capacity (up to 20.8Ah), ULTRALIFE’s smart and non-smart UBI-2590s can be used in either series (voltage) or parallel (capacity) mode.
  • Designed as part of a US army program that looked to reduce the weight on the soldier, ULTRALIFE’s Land Warrior range (up to 195.8Wh) includes a wearable battery (105.1Wh) that weighs just 0.96kg.

* battery dependent


Chargers & Power Supplies

Providing a safe and efficient way to charge ULTRALIFE’s rechargeable batteries:

  • Whether you want to charge batteries within the device (using PCBs) or when removed from the device, ULTRALIFE offers a wide range of charging options.
  • From single-bay desktop chargers to twelve bay vehicle chargers, there are products to meet many and varied requirements.


Cables & Accessories

Aiding the use of ULTRALIFE batteries:​

  • The extensive range of accessories includes cables, power adapters and connectors.
  • Smart cables allow extensive battery information to be accessed in the field