When turning cells into battery packs, there are more options than you think:

  • ULTRALIFE’s cells range from 9 Volt to 3 Volt, 0.12Ah to 16.0Ah capacity, which can be integrated into an equally diverse range of battery packs.
  • Cells can be connected inside the packs in series to increase voltage (V) or in parallel to increase capacity (Ah).


High energy density means small batteries with high performance:​​

  • A battery packs energy density is heavily affected by its cells. ULTRALIFE utilize the latest cell technology to provide next-gen devices with the compact and high performance batteries they need.
  • Energy density can be specified both in terms of weight (gravimetric) and volume (volumetric).


Saving power when the device is not in use:

  • As many non-rechargeable battery packs are used in devices that lie dormant for frequent periods, ULTRALIFE can include cells with low self-discharge, which increases shelf-life and service life.
  • The way a battery is sealed can impact its self-discharge. ULTRALIFE offer glass-to-metal or crimp seals; both of which are proven to offer low rates of self-discharge.


From the artic to the desert, ULTRALIFE’s batteries function when others would fail:​

  • If your non-rechargeable battery pack is to be used in an extreme environment, where it may be subjected to unusually high or low temperatures, ULTRALIFE can work with you to create a suitable battery pack.
  • ULTRALIFE is experienced at creating non-rechargeable battery packs that can function in low temperatures when other batteries would freeze.


Protect against misuse/ensure effective performance in harsh environments:

  • Safety devices can be incorporated into non-rechargeable battery packs, dependent upon your requirements. This can include a Positive Temperature Coefficient (PTC) disc, a resettable thermal switch and/or a shutdown separator.
  • Other useful features include CDD indication displays that show when it is time for the battery to be disposed of.
  • ULTRALIFE’s engineers can arrange testing to whatever performance, safety and transportation standards you require, giving you peace of mind out in the field.

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