Webinar – Remote Monitoring & Asset Tracking: Challenges & Solutions of Battery Design

16 Apr 2024 | 9am-10am PT | 12-1pm ET | Online

This webinar offers insider, specialist information for engineers and technical decision-makers, providing insights and lessons from Ultralife Corporation and Excell Battery (an Ultralife company) based on years of experience in remote monitoring and asset tracking battery manufacturing.

We will discuss:

• Overall trends in the industry
• Limitations and ideal applications for different battery chemistries
• Designing for limited available space
• Regulatory considerations
• Sourcing/procurement/supplier considerations

If you cannot attend the live webinar, you can still register and we will send you a video recording afterwards.

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Exhibiting at ACE Water Conference 2024

11-13 June 2024 | Anaheim, California | USA

The exhibit hall at ACE Water Conference showcases the best of water-related products and services. This includes Ultralife’s 19Ah D cell to power smart meters.

In recent years, Ultralife has invested in expanding its range of Lithium Thionyl Chloride cells. Among the new additions is this D cell with its highly sought after, industry leading capacity. The performance of this cell has been verified by a leading metering OEM.

Ultralife also manufacture Lithium Manganese Dioxide cells for smart meters. These consumer-replaceable batteries offer high energy density and low self-discharge.

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