Delivering power to our radio amplifiers, utilizing ULTRALIFE’s batteries

  • ULTRALIFE manufacture three types of Power Supplies: Battery Powered (External), Military Device Power Supplies and Tactical Radio.
  • These power supplies often contain the UBI-2590 batteries manufactured by ULTRALIFE’s Battery and Energy division.
  • With the help of a mount, the AC/DC power supplies can be used to power a radio from inside a vehicle.
  • Some power supplies come in the form of a battery box that a battery can be housed in, with connectors to provide AC/DC voltage output to power the speaker, amplifier and radio.
  • ULTRALIFE offers around nine different variations of power supply, utilizing different chemistries from sealed lead acid to lithium metal hydride.



Extending the reach of military radios and allowing multiple antennas to be used

  • ULTRALIFE manufacture three types of amplifiers: 20W, 50W and 75W.
  • These are used to amplify 5W military handheld radios from 7W to 75W depending on the amplifier (therefore, doubling or trebling the range that the radio is operating at).
  • The amplifier can be powered by one of the off-the-shelf UBI-2590 batteries manufactured by our battery and energy division.
  • We also offer a number of products that surround and support the amplifier, such as a dual port adapter that allows two different types of antenna to be connected onto the amplifier at the same time.
  • Mounts are also available to house the amplifier inside a vehicle or headquarters.



Solving limited antenna availability issues and broadcasting over more channels

  • ULTRALIFE’s A-301-150 satellite radio combiner (diplexer) enables simultaneous transmission and reception of any two military UHF satellite radio channels operating in the 243 – 318 MHz SATCOM band on a single antenna.
  • The A-301-150 is ideal for SATCOM on the move (SOTM) requirements where limited antenna availability may hinder operations (maritime surface craft, vehicles, aircraft, and submarines).
  • Multiple modes of operation provide users with flexibility while configuring communications networks.
  • ULTRALIFE also offer the MRC-195; a self-contained SOTM system which is used with the AN/PRC-117F Transceiver or AN/PSC-5 Series Transceivers for vehicle communications.
  • The system comprises of an AC/DC High Output Current Power Supply (MRC-74), Interoperable Power Adapter and Charger (MRC-99), Amplified Speaker (MRC-67-A) and 75-watt Multiband amplifier.



Aiding communication by allowing sound to emanate widely and clearly

  • ULTRALIFE manufacture speakers that can be powered by a UBI-2590 battery using a cable.
  • The amplified speakers can be used in a headquarters or a vehicle and are compatible with virtually any communication system.
  • MRC-67 series amplified speakers are rugged and waterproof to withstand harsh tactical environments.
  • Maritime headsets are also available with a choice of standard triple flange ear pieces or custom molded ear pieces.



Reducing the likelihood of dead spots

  • Communication dead spots can be cleared by using a better antenna.
  • ULTRALIFE offer everything from standard sized radio mounted antennas to larger ones that can be used on the ground or onboard a vehicle, ship, or helicopter.
  • ULTRALIFE’s antennas are designed specifically with the military in mind, with high flexibility and maximum durability.
  • They also perform well in a variety of environmental conditions from the arctic to the desert.



Allowing radios to be fixed inside a vehicle or base station

  • ULTRALIFE’s mounts not only house radios but some can accommodate amplifiers and speakers.
  • Mounts are primarily used by soldiers operating vehicles over rough terrain, therefore they are shock and vibration tested.
  • Alternatively, mounts can be used in headquarters and quickly removed in ‘jerk-and-run’ scenarios.
  • ULTRALIFE’s off-the-shelf mounts contain pockets that are designed to house common sizes of radio by default, but custom sized pockets are also available (volume dependent).